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Millas kalastårtor | Milla's Partycakes

My kids always wanted all kinds of crazy cakes for their birthday parties, and I did

my best to make them happy, having lots

of fun with my sons meanwhile.

We created the Python cake, the Ufo cake,

a Ladybug Convention cake, a Glitter cake and we even invented a Poop cake, which was a massive success at parties!

My kids wanted to bake all the time and their friends LOVED our cakes, that's how

I realised we should make it possible for more families to have as much fun as we were having by making a book!

Contribution: Complete production

Publisher: Norstedts förlag

​Millas mysmat | Food and cuddles – in the kitchen with Milla

After the success of Milla's Partycakes my little party animals helped me make a book with ideas for parties, picnics and friday nights. Friends also contributed with some of their best ideas, not only on recipes but also on how to create TIME and the right mindset for making memories together. All recipes in "Food and cuddles" 

are so easy to make that the whole family can join in the kitchen fun!

Contribution: Complete production

Publisher: Norstedts förlag


Norstedts förlag in Stockholm has published three Milla's books;

Millas kalastårtor (2006)

Millas mysmat (2008)

Nya Millas kalastårtor (2011) 

Millas kalastårtor was on Sweden's largest online book shop's Top-Ten-Bestseller list for several months in a row.

Milla's books have been published in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

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